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Regular maintenance and cleaning of watches is essential to ensure that they continue to function well and look good for a long time. Proper maintenance includes cleaning, servicing, and routine upgrades, and it helps to keep the watch ticking for as long as possible. Different parts of a watch require different types of cleaning and maintenance, and if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, you can always look for a certified technician.

Some of the most common reasons for watch maintenance include the oil drying up, the watch strap starting to smell bad, and the watch hands not moving. Water damage is also a significant issue that can affect watches.

It is advised to service your watch every year to avoid the risk of permanent damage on the watch. Common repairs and services for watches include replacing the watch glass, replacing the band, and ensuring timekeeping accuracy.

Replacing watch batteries is also important, and you should replace them once you notice that your watch has stopped. Watch batteries tend to last one to three years, depending on the number of functions the watch has.

Though our watches are water resistant, internal parts may still be loose over time, which can cause the parts to fail. It is not recommended to use it while bathing or swimming as our watches are only rated 3BAR water resistant.

Cleaning and maintaining your watch regularly is important, and you should wipe it down with a microfiber towel routinely to prevent dust, dirt, and oil from building up. Cleaning each part of the watch, including the face, band, and bezel, is essential to prevent damage to the watch. Avoid the use of perfume, oils and camphor materials near the watch to prolong the life of the watch.

You will need some essential cleaning supplies, such as a watch cleaning cloth, watch brush, soft towel, distilled water, watch stand, and a magnifying glass, to clean and maintain your watch. These supplies are readily available at our shop section. It is crucial to perform watch maintenance every year to keep it functioning correctly.

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