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Top 5 Best Selling NaviForce Watches of 2018

Established back in 2012 in Guangzhou, NAVIFORCE has grown to be one of the best watch manufacturers in China – as well as a popular brand recognized abroad. Just as its name suggests (combined with “Navy” and “Force”), NAVIFORCE aims to become the Navy Seal in the watch industry.

“Personality & durability” – the design soul of NAVIFORCE has well interpreted the founder’s design philosophy. To create personality from its appearance, and challenge the durability from its quality.

Since its debut it has taken over the world by storm with its reasonable pricing and superior build quality. NaviForce is the best in class among its competitor & many other brands has copied its design but to deliver its top notch build quality.

NaviForce Bestseller Models of 2018

1) NaviForce NF9074 Day Date Function Analog Watch


Kicking off our list is NF9074 model which is truly unique & is a vintage style military-inspired quartz watch. With Japanese Quartz movement, it was one of our most demanding classic watch of 2018. This model incorporates a Day & Date functionality with a sleek & versatile case design.

2) NaviForce NF9024 Digital Analog Stainless Steel Watch


The model NF9024 has contributed much to the success of NaviForce. It’s a relatively older model since earlier days of NaviForce but still gets much attention of customers. With both digital & analog movement, its a instant hit & still gets much hype thanks to earlier loyal customer base. Unlike other watches in this category, it comes with a full black design with reddish outlines.

3) NaviForce NF9110 MultiFunction Chronograph Watch

Featuring three working sub-dials, this timepiece is both stylish and functional. You can check the day, date, and 24-hour format time respectively except as an ordinary clock. The watch comes equipped with Hardlex tempered glass mirror protecting your watch from all the elements and the imported Japanese quartz movement technology makes sure you will always have the most accurate time.

4) NaviForce NF9093 Digital Analog Stainless Steel Watch


Accompanying luminescent design materials with dual analog/digital movement & its wacky design, it is one of our most demanding models. With tachymetric functionality & eye catching design it incorporates alloy stainless steel.

5) NaviForce NF9117 Day Date Analog Stainless Steel Watch


This design incorporates a wacky revamped classic design with purple blueish color rocking a rose gold case crown. This relatively new model was an instant hit & we saw many competitor brands like KADEMAN, CURREN, BIDEN copying this design in no time. Consistent innovative models and best in class build quality has ensured loyal customer base with brand growth in multiple continents.

This list was based on customer driven feedbacks & order numbers. For a list of available model options, please check into our product catalog.